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Our staff are sourced from the local community in the first place before going wider afield to ensure that we get the right people with the right aptitude for our residents.

Registered Provider

Mrs. Norma Stride has been the Registered Provider for Plas Madryn residential Home since 2006.

The Registered Manager

Our experienced Registered Manager Mrs. Carolyn Owen leads the team, ensuring that they display respect and understanding to residents at all times. Mrs. Owen is a trained nurse but no longer practicing in that capacity she  is also a trained NVQ Assessor, emergency First Aider and has extensive experience in care home management.

Mrs. Carol Jones who also has a Certificate in Leadership and Management in care id the Deputy Manager.

All our carers are qualified to NVQ Level 2 and above and are experienced in providing care. We are committed to staff training and development to ensure that all staff develop and build on the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary to meet each resident’s individualised, person-centred and changing care needs. 
We have a commitment to ensuring that the Welsh and English languages are treated on a basis of equality in the services we provide. As such, More than 50% of the staff speaks Welsh as a first language, thereby offering our residents the opportunity to use the language of their choice in communication.

Most of staff with English as a first language is encouraged to enrol in the local Welsh classes. Indeed some residents take delight in teaching the staff the basic greetings and responding to the need for a cuppa; in addition to having exchanges on cultural similarities.

What are the Expectancies of the staff working in the Home?

  • Interesting and variable work
  • Some challenges within their capability (but not too much)
  • The opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills, and techniques necessary for enhancing the resident’s experiences
  • To be proactive in their personal and professional development in line with their personal needs, resident’s needs and the and business strategy
  • Recognition by their peers and others
  • Security in employment and decent wages

To provide us with feedback on how we can better meet their needs. To find out more call us on the number above in the first instance or send us an email and we will assist you in any way we can.