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Care Services in Surrey


We offer a specialist in dementia care service which includes:

  • Residential Care – Our person-centred, key-worker approach to care is customised for each resident so that their needs are individually met within a safe and secure environment
  • Respite Care - Do you need a break from caring for a relative at Home? Whether for one week, two weeks or a few days, respite care offers you the benefit of time off for recharging your batteries, giving you that well deserved me time. Not only will you benefit, but it also provides a positive experience for the person receiving care. Respite has been shown to help sustain family caregiver health and wellbeing and avoid or delay out-of-home placements.
  • Day Care - Provides the person with the opportunity to be in a different type of atmosphere compared to the one they live in every day. Attending a care home on a regular basis can become part of the person’s routine. The person gets to engage with a range of people and to join in on enjoyable activities.

What Standards should I expect?

The CSSIW regulates health and social services in Wales. Under existing rules all health and social care providers must be registered with them. Such registration reassures the public when they enter a care facility and also enables the CSSIW to check that the Home is continuing to meet the standards, which set out the quality of care, and facilities that you should expect from a care provider.

You can check the most recent inspection report on the CSSIW web site to see how well we are doing and if there is anything of concern.

You can view The National Minimum Standards for care homes on the CSSIW Website.

What should I look for when choosing a Home?

A good care home will probably do the following:

  • Offer new residents and their families or carers a guide (in a variety of accessible formats) that describes what they can expect while they’re living there.
  • Have a majority of staff who have worked there for a long time. They know the residents well, and are friendly, supportive and respectful.
  • Involve residents, carers and their families in decision-making.
  • Support residents in doing things for themselves and maximising their independence, including keeping contact with the outside community.
  • Offer a choice of tasty and nutritious food.
  • Take into account the needs and wishes of all residents, and provide a variety of leisure and social activities.
  • An environment that is clean, bright and hygienic is adapted appropriately for residents, with single bedrooms available.
  • Have staff that respect residents’ privacy and knock before they enter someone’s room.
  • Be staffed by well-trained people, for example, carers trained in dementia care.
  • Respect residents’ modesty and make sure that they look respectable, while recognising residents’ choice about what they wear.

As A Resident What Can I Expect from the staff at Plas Madryn?

  • To be consulted, listened to, valued and respected
  • To be involved in the decisions relating to your individual and collective care and recreation and have choices in how these are delivered
  • Not to have your trust, confidence and vulnerability abused
  • To feel safe and secure
  • To be treated politely, and with dignity
  • To have companionship and fellowship
  • To be enabled to maximise your physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual potential and social capacity within a comfortable and pleasant environment
  • To provide us with feedback on how we can better meet their needs.

What can my Relatives and Advocates Expect?

  • Unrestricted contact with our clients, based on their wishes
  • Open communication and rapport with the staff
  • Freedom from worry and peace of mind
  • Prompt response and solutions to their concerns and complaints
  • Courtesy at all times from the staff
  • To provide us with feedback on how we can better meet their needs

What about my room, meals and laundry facilities? Can I keep my own Doctor?


All rooms except one are single occupancy and have telephone and TV points and washing facilities. You can decorate your room with their own treasured furniture if you so wish.

Nutritional Needs

During your assessment you will be asked about your personal dietary preferences and dislikes. The menus provide nutritionally balanced choices. These are reviewed regularly according to your needs, sessional chances and special occasions.

You will always have options at mealtimes and the cook will try to meet your wishes within reason.

Breakfast, coffee, lunch, afternoon teas and supper are available at set times however; drinks and snacks are available at any time day or night.


One of the key features of our on-site laundry system is the uses OTEX Technology which off provides you with the following benefits:

  • Bacteria free laundry
  • Elimination of cross infection
  • 99.99% effective against MRSA and other super bugs
  • Peace of mind knowing that your laundry can be safely washed together

We recommend that you have all your clothes marked before you arrive at the home so that the misplacement of your clothes can be minimised.

General Practitioner

We will ensure that there is continuity in your care by liaising with your GP, Social Worker, District Nurse and family member and will carry out a full assessment of your needs to ensure continuity of your medical and that your personal and needs can be met.

Why should we choose Plas Madryn Residential Home?

We believe that we stand out from our competitors for four reasons:

  • There is something about our staff that sets us apart from others, you can’t put your finger on it but you will certainly get a positive vibe when you visit the home, whether you were expected or not.
  • The propensity of the staff to engage positively with resident, and engage in divisional conversation to reassure residents who may be experiencing a challenging moment.
  • The staff’s mastery of language that is persuasive, positive and comfortable to resident, relatives and visitors
  • Residents will always get timely assistance if needed rather than be left to their own devices with increased risk of distress

We invite you to contact us to arrange a visit Plas Madryn, meet the staff and decide whether this is the right place for you or your family member.

What would I encounter if I turn up un-announced to look around the home?

  • You rang the door bell and was greeted by a cheerful member of staff accompanied by a gentleman who appeared delighted to see you and asked if you would like a coffee
  • On entering the door of the first, you were greeted by a two elderly ladies. They clearly had no idea where they were.
  • In the lounge, you may that the television is on and one carer a television was on, and some elderly men and a male nurse were cheering on their team.
  • Moving to the kitchen you found two elderly ladies drying up as a carer emptied the dishwasher. Another resident was helping a carer peel potatoes (not very well, but it doesn’t matter)
  • In the laundry another resident helped to fold laundry as a carer unloaded the drying machine.
  • You are led to understand that the residents, are encouraged to help as much as they can if they wish
  • On your travels around the home you found two ladies having their hair done. Two ladies were having their nails done in the lounge and one, and a gentleman having his tie adjusted.
  • The carers appear cheerful engaging and welcoming
  • You find out that the carers were well trained and have good working relationships and participate in continuing professional development.
  • A male carer is playing table ball with two ladies both determined to win
  • A group of primary school children are reciting their poetry, singing with the residents and enjoying the chocolate cookies they had baked for them. Such encounters help to change the perception of the elderly as old wrinkles’, they have started to see and treat them as real people with real worth.
  • On a hot summer’s afternoon you may see a few residents enjoying a cup of tea or a glass of beer in the garden

Is this for real? Visit us and discover for yourself.

Drop into our residential care home, call us or send an email and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.