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Care Home in Surrey

Family Run Private Nursing Home

Amron Premier Care LLP is family run business set up by Norma Stride to provide elderly people with the residential care experience that is innovative, evidence-based, person-centred and quality orientated. Having had a long career in the National Health Service, I particularly wanted to add a difference to the care of vulnerable adults by encompassing a “People-Before-Profits” operating philosophy to underpin the way we do business.

We at Amron Premier Care believe that our homes and dedicated staff exist to meet the individual needs of our residents while at the same time ensuring that they cared for in a friendly, relaxed and homely environment that adds value to their lives.

We are committed to staff training and development thus ensuring that they develop the knowledge skills and competencies necessary to deliver a quality service to meet our client’ complex, individual and changing needs. 
Partnership working with other stakeholders, the local council, health authorities and Social Services, is integral to our success in meeting and exceeding the National Minimum Standards for Care Homes.

Our Vision and Values

Amron Premier Care has a sense of purpose and direction that makes it unique among Care Homes.

The team at Amron Premier Care has an unashamedly and passionate view about quality and as such has placed a strong emphasis on the highest possible quality service for each resident. 
We believe that our residents deserve to live in a clean, comfortable and safe environment where they are treated with respect, dignity and sensitivity to their individual needs, abilities and interests.

What can you expect of Amron Premier Care?

  • Uncompromised quality care within the boundaries of our operating framework
  • To be partners with all our stakeholders in our quest for quality outcomes for our residents
  • To cultivate a culture of respect that is underpinned by valuing people
  • To provide evidence-based care that satisfies our resident’s needs beyond their expectations
  • To set high standards and create an ethos that gives the highest  priority to the welfare and protection of our residents
  • To ensure that the National Minimum Standards of care form the foundation from which to leverage excellence in the services we provide
  • To consistently provide training opportunities for staff so that they are fit for purpose
  • To provide a welcoming, warm and friendly homely environment
  • To learn from, and act on, your feedback so that we can change our behaviour to better meet the needs of all our stakeholders
  • To grow and evolve with changing market economy.

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